Why DatHost?

Using us has a lot of benefits, but the core benefits are flexibility, stability and supporting E-Sports. Below, you can read more about what makes DatHost so great, the benefits are many.

Support E-Sports

At DatHost, we love E-sports and have been following its journey for over a decade. The development it's seen as a sport is crazy, and the amount of hours of entertainment we've received from it is beyond counting. Therefore, we decided it's time to give something back. As soon as you rent a server from Dat Host, you directly contribute to E-Sports. This is because we contribute 10% of our profits to E-Sports, every year.

This could be in the form of sponsorships, hosting tournaments and much more. It is also not limited to a specific game.

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Our features

~ Automatic Setup ~

Renting a server is easy, simply select what game you want and your server will start automatically. Stop the server with 1-click when you're done.

~ Pay Only What You Use ~

Add credits to your account and we'll then draw from them as you use your server. You'll only be paying for the time you use the server. Read more about our innovative pricing system.

~ Support E-Sports ~

We invest 10% of our profits into the growth of E-Sports. We're also gamers, and we live, breath and eat E-sports. Read more about this.

~ Great Control Panel ~

Our control panel is custom made. Not many in our industry can say this, and this allows us to offer you a much more user-friendly experience.

~ Monthly Price Caps ~

At a certain point, your server won't cost any further money for the rest of the month. Enjoy playing the rest of the month for free. Read more.

~ DDoS Protection ~

Our networks have DDoS protection, so you don't have to worry about angry opponents ruining your experience. Ride lag-free to victory!

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More Features

~ Highly Configurable ~

You'll be able to run your server on your maps, your configuration and your terms, just like you were hosting the server yourself.

~ Reliable Hardware ~

We use only the best hardware for our gameservers. We continously strive towards minimizing any issues with lag or downtime.

~ Awesome Support ~

We're also gamers, and use these servers ourselves. We know lots, and would love to help you if you run into any problems.

~ API ~

We're super-proud to be offering an API which you can use to control your server or integrate your service with ours. You can find our API-documentation here.

~ MySQL ~

We offer free MySQL servers for all games that can use it. This allows you to use pretty much any plugins you want.

~ One-click Mods & Plugins ~

We offer one-click installers for the most popular mods and plugins out there. Server setup is a breeze.

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We have over 200,000 happy users blessed with lag-free gameservers.

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