Silky smooth servers

There's a reason pro teams, tournaments and platforms use DatHost for their CS:GO servers.

We've optimised every little detail for the best possible CS:GO performance, not Minecraft like our generalised competitors.

Our servers run on premium hardware, use SSDs and are on the best networks, optimised to provide the lowest possible ping.

Smooth servers

Truly s1mple and instant setup

Get a match, practice, KZ, surf, deathmatch or retakes config straight out of the box. We've already done all the configuration for you.
You can get straight to playing.

Your server is set up automatically, and ready to play on within seconds.

Instant setup

Instant relocation

Instantly relocate your server to any of our locations, within seconds, at any time and as often as you want.

Free DDoS protection

We offer enterprise level DDoS protection on all our servers. You don't need to worry about raging babies.

One-click installers

If you want any mods or plugins, we have one-click installers for SourceMod and most of the popular SourceMod plugins.

Great support

We're also gamers, and use these servers ourselves. We know lots, and would love to help you if you run into any problems.

Automatic updates

Whenever CS:GO releases an update, we automatically update the server for you.


Control your servers via our API, perfect if you're a tournament organiser, league, matchmaking platform or just want to control your server through your Discord server. Read the API documentation

Intuitive control panel

Our control panel is so easy to use that configuring and controlling your server will be a breeze.

Play any type of CS

You have full access to your server and can configure it to play any type of CS, on any map.

And of course, you also get:

Free MySQL

Free FastDL

Server console

Web based file manager

But in the end, our customers really say it best

I've been around the game server related things for quite some years now with many different websites, game panels, systems etc..

I was having quite bad time with other company, not going to specify but things weren't just working. All I needed was a server to my own use maybe with few friends to practice. Their support usually solved the problems, but overall there were too many mistakes and I didn't get the server I was looking for.
Anyhow I decided to find a new website to buy a working server from.

I found my way to DaHost, and pretty much the first thing I see when I enter your site is that this site is no joke, it looks like its made by professionals. I read that your game panel is custom made, you offer free DDoS protection, free MySQL? I have a MySQL server of my own so I didn't take yours but the fact that you offer one for free is quite awesome. Many websites claim they have automatic setup when they don't, the server administrators do it manually on some sites, but you weren't joking. I was really surprised how fast the server was up and running after purchase, it literally took me 1 click with the plugins that I chose. I didn't have to run a steam update, didn't have to synchronize any fast download files, I didn't have to do anything really. When I opened the game panel it looked really promising, it has every feature that I can think of for a game server. Your "pay only what you use" system is quite amazing. Scheduling a restart is not new. But scheduling a command was totally new for me. Also, your "Automatically stop server when empty for 60 minutes" feature is perfect for private use.

Overall I was pretty mind blown and I can pretty confidently say that DaHost has the best features, best looking website and game panel that I have seen so far.
I haven't got any experience of your support yet. But that's because there has been no issues at all. Regardless I can almost tell that you probably have very good support too.

I wanted a private server for practice, and you sure did gave me one. Thank you.

— Rohanlogs