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Low ping. High uptime. High K/D ratio. The game is in your hands again.

With a quality game server from Dat Host, you ensure that you will have the best possible gaming experience.

Great Servers

We are a game host with servers in stable data centers that enjoy a blazing fast connection, which ensures the fastest possible ping for you and your friends. All our game servers have plenty of resources, we're one of those game hosts that always favor quality over quantity, unlike other game hosts who will overload their servers so they can rent out as many servers as possible.

The connection to these servers is monitored 24/7 and if anything happens, you can trust in us being there to fix it swiftly.

Available Games

Coming Soon

  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • Voice Servers

Rent free servers!

We have servers available that can be rented for free. Take the chance to try out our servers and see for yourself how amazing they are, before deciding to use us as your game host. Our free servers are as good as our premium ones, and the only limitation is how long you can rent them.

If you're still not convinced that Dat Host is the best, rent one of the free servers and see for yourself.