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  • It's almost like the server is hosted in your own basement - if not even better. Quality servers, user-friendly access and one of a kind customer support!

    - Martin "Witness" Rundström, Sweden -
  • When I first started looking into renting a server, no one could compete with DatHost. DatHost offered both the add-on I needed and the amazing concept of 'pay what you use' servers. When I first contacted support I had an extremely thorough response within two hours.

    - Daniel "Dexento" Kjellid, Norway -
  • DatHost has suprised me with very fast servers, and even faster and professional support. Also DatHost is easy to use, even for an inexperienced user like me!
    I'd recommend DatHost to anyone looking for a cheap and easy to use server.

    - Eetu "gorinds" Laukka, b!nary, Finland -
  • The hosting is very helpful, due to the fact that it's hard to find cheap and very well done services out there. Also the servers run very fast with no lag at all, making a very recommended site for hosting your gameserver.

    - Brandon Childers, USA -
  • I am very pleased with DatHost as supplier of our gameserver, experience no downtime, and steady ping. And the customer service is not just good, but also very fast!

    - Jørgen Merdem, teamSMYG, Norway -
  • I simply love the way that DatHost works. I love that you need only to pay for what you use. It makes life more simple and you don't need to stop renting the server if you realize that you don't use it enough to be worth it. DatHost's control panel is so simple that I think anyone could use it without running into any trouble.

    - Arttu Muotka, Finland -
  • Me and a few friends decided we would play some chill out CS:GO. So instead of joining the casual screamer Dust II infinite loop, I googled and found Within 5 mins I had a CS:GO server that my friends could join.

    - David "cheesecake87" Carmichael, Scotland -
  • DatHost has been the best host service I have ever used! Have now been using it for 3 months with my team, and the customer support is really nice and quick!

    - Vili "mtK" Muotka, Ncient, Finland -
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Our features

~ Easy to use ~

Never ran a gameserver before? Our control panel is super easy to use, guiding you through every step. Of course, if you're more advanced you'll still have full control of the server.

~ Pay Only What You Use ~

Add credits to your account and we'll then draw from them as you use your server. You'll only be paying for the time you use the server. Read more about our innovative pricing system.

~ Support E-Sports ~

We invest 10% of our profits into the growth of E-Sports. We're also gamers, and we live, breathe and eat E-sports. Read more about this.

~ Automatic Setup ~

Renting a server is easy, simply select what game you want and your server will start automatically. Stop the server with 1-click when you're done.

~ Monthly Price Caps ~

At a certain point, your server won't cost any further money for the rest of the month. Enjoy playing the rest of the month for free. Read more.

~ DDoS Protection ~

Our networks have DDoS protection, so you don't have to worry about angry opponents ruining your experience. Ride lag-free to victory!

The best part

Our Pricing

Let's face it. Renting a gameserver has never been flexible enough. You need to use it for a certain amount of time, but you're stuck with options like "3 hours", "1 week" or "monthly". This is why we re-thought pricing entirely and came up with our "Pay Only What You Use"-system.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Unmodded/SourceMod
  • 128 Tick
  • Use your own workshop map list
  • Use your own server config
  • Premium DDoS protected networks
  • €0.033 / slot / hour (128 tickrate)
    €0.025 / slot / hour (64 tickrate)
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  • Web control panel
  • Up to 700 slots
  • High uptime
  • Premium DDoS protected networks
  • €0.005 / slot / hour
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Team Fortress 2
  • Web control panel
  • Full console access
  • Full file access
  • Premium DDoS protected networks
  • €0.025 / slot / hour
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TeamSpeak 3
  • Web control panel
  • Up to 250 slots
  • High uptime
  • Premium DDoS protected networks
  • €0.01 / slot / hour
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Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Web control panel
  • High uptime
  • Premium DDoS protected networks
  • €0.02 / slot / hour
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