TF2 Server Hosting Made Easy

Host your Team Fortress 2 server with great performance.
Super easy setup - get ready in seconds.
Starting from € 7.20 / month.
7-Day Money Back Guarantee.

All features you can expect. Everything included.

Full Server Access

You have full access to your Team Fortress 2 server. Anything you could expect, from editing configs to uploading plugins, can be done swiftly from our control panel.

SourceMod Support

If you want any mods or plugins we have one-click installer for SourceMod. That enables you to upload any SourceMod plugin to your Team Fortress 2 Server.


Control your servers via our API, perfect if you're a tournament organiser, league, matchmaking platform or just want to control your server through your Discord server. Read the API documentation

Automatic Updates

Whenever TF2 releases an update, we automatically update the server for you when there’s no players connected.

Instant Relocation

Instantly relocate your server to any of our locations, within seconds, at any time and as often as you want.

Free DDoS protection

We offer enterprise level DDoS protection on all our servers. You don't need to worry about raging babies.

Intuitive Control Panel

Our control panel is so easy to use that configuring and controlling your server will be a breeze.

Great Support

We're also gamers, and use these servers ourselves. We know lots, and would love to help you if you run into any problems.

Of course you also get: Debranding, Automatic backups, SSD drives, Custom domain names, Premium networks & Enterprise hardware with plenty of CPU resources. For us, that is just normal and shouldn’t cost extra. As we said, everything included.

Hosting high-performance servers in CS:GO for

Simple, transparent all inclusive pricing

26 server locations worldwide
DDoS protected networks
Automatic setup in seconds
10% OFFQuarterly
20% OFFYearly
All packages also includes: Automatic backups, Custom domain, FastDL server, MySQL server, FTP, No branding, Public/Private server, Premium networks, SSD drives and more. As we said, all inclusive.

We have server locations all across the globe

Don't find the location you want? Let us know!
World Map
Los Angeles
New York
São Paulo
Hong Kong
25 Locations
20 Countries
120+ Tbps Network

What else do our users say about us?

Very happy with the server so far. Good stability, no latency between players & helpful staff.

- User from Ireland

Brilliant service & super easy to set up. 10/10 would recommend it!

- User from Denmark

You guys have been extremely helpful and I have loved your service.

- User from the United States

You guys are good with low prices on your servers. I will only host my servers here!

- User from Sweden

Very good server with easy setup and configuration through the UI.

- User from the United States

Have only needed help twice, and both times the agents were wonderful. Everything just works!

- User from the United States