The only host for CS:GO platforms

As the only host with an API and pay-as-you-go model, we help your matchmaking platform, league, tournament, community or other service scale globally and elastically from day one.

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Powering servers for, among others

We handle the infrastructure -
you build your service

Managing CS:GO servers and a global infrastructure of bare metal servers is a massive undertaking. We're the experts at this, and we're happy to do it for you, so you can focus instead on what you're an expert at.


No need to worry about performance

Getting CS:GO servers to perform well is a science that very few people have mastered. Fortunately, by hosting servers in the most demanding environments, for pro teams, platforms and top-tier competition, we've learned it all so you don't have to. Our servers and networks are optimised to offer you and your players the best performance anywhere. Don't let performance be the weakness for your business.

Smooth servers

Purpose-built API

Our API was built together with our customers to serve the specific needs of quickly scaling server usage up and down, to handle varying levels of player activity. Set up an image and swiftly clone that image to get a new server running in any location, in a matter of mere seconds. Stop and delete servers when you no longer need them.

Most of our customers are able to integrate in a couple of days or less.
See the API documentation here


Minimize your server costs

Instead of needing to have bare metal servers all over the world or pay for lots of monthly servers in multiple locations, we offer true, pay-as-you-go pricing. Pay only for the instances that are running, and stop them when a match is over to pay no more. This way you only pay for exactly what you need.

Minimize costs

CS:GO Servers


Pay As You Go
If you want to save money, choose our Pay as you Go plan and stop the server when not using it.

€0.33 / hour

Subscription Plan
If you want to have your server running 24/7 - choose a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription.
starting from

€7.92 / month

Match API

With the Match API, we fully handle both your gameservers and matches, meaning minimal effort on your end.
Automated match handling
Integrated with your system
Automated GOTV recording

€0.098 / match

Contact us for volume discounts:
The match API is free for non-commercial usage
(up to 100 matches / month)

Think global from day one

We already have infrastructure all over the world, there's no need to limit your launch by the size of your infrastructure.
If you want servers in any location we don't cover, we can arrange it.

Existing location
Available on request
World Map
Frankfurt, Germany
Paris, France
London, United Kingdom
Madrid, Spain
Sydney, Australia
Stockholm, Sweden
Warsaw, Poland
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Moscow, Russia
Istanbul, Turkey
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dallas, TX, USA
Chicago, IL, USA
Seattle, WA, USA
New York, USA
Miami, FL, USA
São Paulo, Brazil
Toronto, Canada
Helsinki, Finland
Tokyo, Japan
Johannesburg, South Africa
Hong Kong
Seoul, South Korea
Mumbai, India
Strasbourg, France
Atlanta, GA, USA
Denver, CO, USA
Kyiv, Ukraine
Bucharest, Romania
Taipei, Taiwan
up to 2 Tbps
DDoS Protection

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