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Experience CS2 matches your way, from Scrims to Wingman.

Play your preferred match type – be it scrims, in-house games, or 2v2 wingman matches. For advanced control, the config files let you adjust settings from overtime rules to round timers and beyond.
CS2 Server Match Play

Improve your CS2 tactics, one grenade at a time.

Our pre-configured practice setup simplifies grenade practice with your squad. Join the server with friends, brainstorm, and uncover those game-changing smokes.
CS2 Server Grenade Practice

Unleash the power of customization with DatHost.

DatHost equips you with tools to shape your ideal server setup. Change game modes, utilize the server console, easily upload files, create a MySQL database for free, store game demos, access logs, integrate with our API, and more!
CS2 Server Customizations
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Ultra-fast servers around the world

Experience unmatched performance in CS2 with servers worldwide, ensuring lag-free gameplay for both competitive and casual play.
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A lot of help for me as an IGL of my team. Thank you!

- CS:GO user from Czechia

Very good CS:GO server hosting, easy to use when practicing with my team!

- CS:GO user from the United States

Very simple and clear interface yet lacks no functionality. I like it - very nice.

- CS:GO user from Israel

If someone wants a server I would 100% recommend you guys first. The support and servers are great.

- CS:GO user from the United Kingdom

Only used your servers for a month and I’m absolutely mind-blown. Wish I knew about you before!

- CS:GO user from France

Amazing support from the DatHost team, a great range of servers, and a super easy-to-use interface!

- CS:GO user from Ireland

Frequently asked questions

What is Counter-Strike 2?

Counter-Strike 2 represents the latest iteration of the beloved Counter-Strike series, introducing significant technological advancements and fresh gameplay features. Initially introduced as a limited test in March 2023, it officially launched on 27 September 2023, as a free upgrade for existing players of the previous version, Global Offensive.

How to join a CS2 server?

Once you’ve created your CS2 server, you will find the connection details in your dashboard. To join the server, simply copy the connect command provided, launch CS2, open the console, and paste the command.

For more detailed instructions, check out our step-by-step guide here.

How does sub-tick work?

Sub-tick in Counter-Strike 2 is a new system that provides precise timing calculations for player actions, which were previously evaluated in discrete time intervals in CS:GO (64 or 128 times per second), sometimes resulting in timing errors.

With sub-tick updates, the server receives packets containing precise timing information for each action, allowing it to simulate player actions accurately. This makes moving and shooting equally precise, reducing the need for a high tick-rate since packets contain more information about the exact timing of actions.

Do you have support for plugins?

We offer comprehensive support for CS2 plugins powered by MetaMod. With our user-friendly one-click installer, you can effortlessly activate a range of plugins, including Scrims and Practice, Fake RCON, and many others.

For step-by-step instructions on installing additional plugins, please refer to our guide in this article.

Are there any performance limitations on your CS2 servers?

Absolutely not. Unlike some providers who impose limits on server performance based on CPU or RAM usage, we do not engage in such practice to promote the purchase of more expensive options. With our CS2 servers, you can always expect unrestricted access to the performance necessary.

Our CS2 servers are equipped with Ryzen 7900 (or similar top-tier CPU), 128GB of DDR5 RAM, and SSD storage, ensuring peak performance at all times. Additionally, our real-time sub-tick server monitoring runs in the background, ensuring optimal server performance without lifting a finger on your end.
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