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Get ahead of the game and play Counter-Strike 2 on our live servers. Join the elite few who have access to this highly-anticipated title.

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Enjoy peace of mind with our reliable and user-friendly CS2 server hosting. While we cannot guarantee immediate updates during beta, we'll keep your server running smoothly with automatic daily backups.

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CS2 Server Hosting that just works.

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Say goodbye to lag and latency issues with our top-tier network, modern CPUs, and SSDs. Our CS2 servers deliver the smooth experience you need to stay ahead of the game!

Endless Possibilites

With our CS2 server hosting, you can fully customize your gameplay with options such as competitive matches, grenade practice, and retakes mode. The choice is yours!

DDoS protected servers

Our CS2 servers are protected with powerful DDoS defense, providing reliable uptime and secure gameplay. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with top-tier protection.

Configure With Ease

Our custom control panel and File Manager make managing your CS2 server effortless. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with intuitive settings configuration and file management.

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A lot of help for me as an IGL of my team. Thank you!

- CS:GO user from Czechia

Very good CS:GO server hosting, easy to use when practicing with my team!

- CS:GO user from the United States

Very simple and clear interface yet lacks no functionality. I like it - very nice.

- CS:GO user from Israel

If someone wants a server I would 100% recommend you guys first. The support and servers are great.

- CS:GO user from the United Kingdom

Only used your servers for a month and I’m absolutely mind-blown. Wish I knew about you before!

- CS:GO user from France

Amazing support from the DatHost team, a great range of servers, and a super easy-to-use interface!

- CS:GO user from Ireland

Frequently asked questions

What is Counter-Strike 2 (CS2)?

Counter-Strike 2 is the latest version of the popular game Counter-Strike, with significant technological advancements and new features. A Limited Test for select CS:GO players will evaluate some of the new features before the worldwide release this summer. The game will be available as a free upgrade to CS:GO.

How does sub-tick work in Counter-Strike 2?

Sub-tick in Counter-Strike 2 is a new system that provides precise timing calculations for player actions, which were previously evaluated in discrete time intervals in CS:GO (64 or 128 times per second), sometimes resulting in timing errors. With sub-tick updates, the server receives packets containing precise timing information for each action, allowing it to display player actions accurately. This makes moving and shooting equally precise, regardless of the tick rate.

Although sub-tick improves game responsiveness, higher tick rates still have advantages. A higher tick rate means that the server updates the game state more frequently, reducing the delay between the client and the server. However, with the sub-tick system, the need for a high tick rate is lessened since packets contain more information about the exact timing of actions.

What is the tickrate of the CS2 servers?

Currently, the servers are operating at a tickrate of 64 with Valve's newest sub-tick technology, which was introduced in the CS2 beta release. Although higher tickrates still offer some benefits, the need is reduced since packets provide more precise timing information.

More information about the server infrastructure and the possibility of increasing the tickrate to 128 will be provided in the future.

How to join a CS2 server?

Once you've created your CS2 server, you can locate the connection credentials in your dashboard. To join the server, simply copy the connect command provided, launch CS2, open the console, and paste the command.

How do you handle CS2 server updates?

At the moment, CS2 server updates are being manually managed by our team. Our goal is to release new updates on the same business day they become available. We'll provide more information about this process in the future.

How much does it cost to host a CS2 server?

We offer CS2 server hosting for €0.99 per slot per month, which includes unlimited usage. We also offer up to a 20% discount for longer commitments (quarterly or yearly).

What can I do with a CS2 server?

With the CS2 server, you have complete control, including the ability to modify game modes, execute server console commands, manage files through web-based or FTP solutions, and start or stop the server.

When it comes to game modes, you can play competitive matches, practice grenades, launch retakes, and more. We're continuously exploring new ways to enhance the server experience and will introduce additional features as they become available.

Do you have support for mods?

Currently, mod support isn't available on CS2 servers. While SourceMod is commonly used for CS:GO mods, it isn't compatible with CS2 at this time. We're exploring other options for mod support, but for now, you'll need to rely on the server's built-in functionality.

We'll continue to evaluate new ways to improve the server experience and add mod support as soon as it becomes a viable option.

Will you offer an upgrade from CS:GO to CS2?

We're still in the process of determining the specifics of upgrading your current CS:GO server to CS2. While there will be a migration option available, we haven't decided on the exact details just yet.
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