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Spend less time configuring.

Have everything you need to configure your ARK server in one place. With our easy-to-use settings manager, you can tweak more than 200 different aspects of your ARK server with the click of a button.

ARK server settings

Install any mod with one click.

Our one-click installer makes it easy to install both Steam Workshop mods and ArkAPI plugins for your ARK server. Enter the mod ID for Steam Workshop mods or upload a zip file for ArkAPI plugins - we'll take care of the rest!

Mod installer for ARK server hosting
Why DatHost

ARK server hosting that just works.

No lag, no latency

Lag-free? You betcha! Our ARK servers are powered by the best networks with modern CPUs and SSDs to ensure you never experience any lagginess.

Auto-updates & backups

You're in good hands. We make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest ARK server updates within 15 minutes. Oh, and we have daily backups too!

DDoS protected servers

You can rest assured that your ARK server will never go down with the DDoS protection we offer. With up to 2 Tbps capacity, there’s enough capacity for even the most serious attacks!

Configure with ease

Managing your ARK server has never been easier with our custom-built control panel! We also have an excellent File Manager to browse and manage all the server files.

Ultra-fast servers around the world

We provide the best ARK: Survival Evolved server experience with our high-speed servers that are located all over the world.
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Los Angeles
New York
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Hong Kong
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40 Locations
32 Countries
120+ Tbps Network

What do our customers say?

Join the 300.000+ users already using DatHost for their game server hosting needs.

The Control Panel for customizing my ARK server is so easy to use and the server works great!

- User from Iceland

Your service has been super reliable and easy. Used it for Valheim before and now for ARK. Good work!

- User from the United States

Very happy with the server so far. Good stability, no latency between players & helpful staff.

- User from Ireland

Just amazing. Simple setup, cheap, reliable... 10/10 would recommend!

- User from Sweden

Service is affordable, reliable, and easy to use. Recommended!

- User from Canada

Easy to set up. Good tools. Reliable. Ease of use. Great price.

- User from the United States

Frequently asked questions

What is ARK?

Studio Wildcards ARK: Survival Evolved is a world full of dinos, where you must use your skills to survive. Explore the mysterious island called ARK, taming or breeding leviathan dinosaurs are just a few ways players can get through this wild landscape. Form tribes with your friends to survive on the mysterious ARK island.

How to join an ARK Server?

Joining an ARK server from Steam is pretty straightforward. Copy the IP address found in your Control Panel and go to Steam → View → Servers → Favorites → Add a Server → Paste the IP → Connect.

How to install ARK server mods and plugins?

Installing mods on your ARK server is a breeze with our one-click mod installer. To install Steam Workshop mods, simply browse the ARK Steam Workshop, find the mod you want, and enter its ID on the Mods & Plugins page. Our system will handle the installation and updates automatically.

For ArkAPI plugins, simply upload the zip file to the Mods & Plugins page, and we'll take care of the rest. Note that while Steam Workshop mods will be updated automatically, ArkAPI plugins will require manual updates by uploading a new zip file.

How do I update my ARK server?

We automatically update your ARK server within 15 minutes after a new update has been released, then we reboot your server whenever it’s empty for the update to take effect. You can also manually reboot your server after a new update has been pushed.

How to use ARK admin commands?

Open up the console, usually by pressing TAB, and type:
enablecheats <youradminpassword>

The admin password can be set on the Settings page of your ARK server. Now you have access to a bunch of admin commands in your ARK server!

Can I set up multiple ARK servers in a cluster?

Yes. Simply order several servers and request your server to be clustered from the Control Panel and we will enable it. ARK Clustering is a way to connect multiple servers so you can trade characters, dinosaurs, and items through the Obelisk in-game.

What are the hardware specifications of your ARK servers?

Our ARK servers operate within a Windows environment and are powered by high-performance CPUs from AMD or Intel, 128GB of RAM, and SSD storage to ensure smooth and efficient gameplay.

Unlike other providers, we do not impose any limitations on your server's capabilities based on CPU or RAM usage. Your ARK server will have access to the full performance it requires.
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