5 great CS:GO frag movies

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Frag movies have always been a large part of the CS community. There’s been some amazing ones during 2012. Let’s have a look at some of our personal favorites as we look forward to the ones to come in 2013.

Dreamhack Winter 2012 Frag Movie, ESEA(El_Generico)

We love El_Generico. We love DreamHack. Is this a match made in heaven? And with such a stacked tournament, do we need to tell you that the frags are of the highest quality?

Best Frags Compilation #1 by MsTsN

Some absolutely amazing frags in this movie. We highly recommend this one.

CS:GO – NiP at Dreamhack Valencia

Follow the greatest team out there at the moment on their way through Dreamhack Valencia, one of the earlier LAN tournaments in CS:GO

DreamHack Winter 2012 Movie by MsTsN

Long, but great movie, following the story line and showing some of the best frags of Dreamhack Winter 2012.

CS:GO Cinematic Movie: AMD Sapphire Prague LAN by EL_GENERICO

A great switch up, different style of music and brilliant editing, as always from EL_GENERICO. Top it off with some amazing frags from some of the best players out there, and you get 8 minutes of awesomeness.