How to add eBot to your or other dedicated server

Today we’ll go through how you can use eBot with your server or with any other dedicated server. If you are hosting the server yourself, or have your server with another host, you will have to make sure that the cSay plugin is installed on your CSGO server. On servers, you can easily install the cSay plugin with one click.

Adding the cSay plugin on


Go into the “Edit tab for your server, and then click on “Show advanced settings”. Scroll down to “Mods & Plugins” and click the box for ebot / cSay plugin:


Get the IP of your server

Unfortunately, eBot doesn’t work with hostnames which is what we use on (for example Some customers also set up custom hostnames. To get the IP of your server, click on the Console button in the control panel:


Once in the console, enter the word “status” and then press enter, this will give you some information about the server:


Highlighted is the information we’re looking for. The public IP is what you need, but don’t forget to add on the port, which is the first highlighted field. The port can also be found at the end of the “IP” field in the control panel.

Create an account on the public ebot site

On you can create an account and add your own gameserver to use eBot with. After creating an account, you’ll be asked to confirm it, and can then log in to start using their ebot. This site is run by the creators of eBot.

Log in and add your gameserver


After logging in, click on “Add Gameserver” to add your gameserver so you can use ebot. In the form, fill in the requested details then click “Create Server” to finish. In the “Server IP” field, you fill in the IP and port we retrieved in the previous step. Internal Servername can be anything that you easily remember, so you know which server this is. After that, fill in the RCON password of your server and optionally enter a GOTV IP. The GOTV IP can use hostnames, as it’s only used for display on the site.

Create a match


After creating your server, click on “Create a match” and fill in the form here, to start using eBot. Enter the name of the teams who are playing, enter the config you want to run on your server(if you’re using a custom config, remember to add the correct path) and all other match settings. Finally select the server you added as the server to use, and click on “Create Match”.

Start the match


Finally, start the match by clicking on “My matchs” and then click the “Start” button for your match. You’ll then be given a password and IP (both of them we set earlier) which you can use to connect.

At this point, you can control the server using the in-game commands. If you need some help on how to use these, check out this link for the official documentation.