How to Edit Palworld Server Settings

Are you looking to tailor your Palworld server to match your gaming style and preferences? Well, get ready to level up your gaming experience with our ultimate guide to tweaking server settings!
Whether you’re a seasoned server guru or just getting started with game customization, we’ve got your back. Dive into the world of fine-tuning difficulty levels, adjusting spawn rates, and more with our easy-to-follow steps.

Edit PalworldSettings.ini

The most common way of modifying server settings is through the PalworldSettings.ini file. Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide.

  1. Navigate to the Palworld Dedicated Server directory, typically found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PalServer .
  2. Open the DefaultPalworldSettings.ini file and copy everything below the 3rd line.
  3. Navigate to Pal/Saved/Configs/PalworldSettings.ini and open the file using a text editor.
    Paste all the content from Step 2 into the file.
    You only have to do this once, if your PalworldSettings.ini file already has settings in it, don’t overwrite them.
  4. Let’s change a setting, for instance: ServerPassword. Use CTRL + F to search for the setting in the text editor.

    Unfortunately, the file cannot be formatted to be more readable. This is why searching for the settings is the most efficient way.
  5. Save the file and restart the server. Done!

Edit WorldOption.sav

It can sometimes be preferable to modify the WorldOption.sav file instead of the PalworldSettings.ini file since settings such as BaseCampWorkerMaxNum won’t properly apply in the .ini configuration. Note that the WorldOption.sav file will override any other setting.

  1. Go to the website Palworld Server Configurator.
  2. Modify all the settings you need, and then download it as WorldOption.sav.
  3. Navigate to Pal\Saved\SaveGames\0\<world string> and drop the WorldOption.sav file into the folder. If you already have a WorldOption.sav file in the folder, simply replace it.
  4. Finally, start up the server and the settings should be applied.

Settings Interface

Modifying settings and configuration can be tricky and time-consuming. If you rather want to use a nice interface to configure your server to your liking, we would generally recommend a Palworld Server Host.

Server Settings List

Option Value Description
Difficulty None The difficulty level of the game. Can be set to “None”.
DayTimeSpeedRate 1.000000 The speed rate of daytime in the game.
NightTimeSpeedRate 1.000000 The speed rate of nighttime in the game.
ExpRate 1.000000 The experience rate multiplier.
PalCaptureRate 1.000000 The rate at which players can capture creatures (pals).
PalSpawnNumRate 1.000000 The rate at which pals spawn in the game world.
PalDamageRateAttack 1.000000 The rate at which pals cause damage when attacking.
PalDamageRateDefense 1.000000 The rate at which pals resist damage when defending.
PlayerDamageRateAttack 1.000000 The rate at which players cause damage when attacking.
PlayerDamageRateDefense 1.000000 The rate at which players resist damage when defending.
PlayerStomachDecreaceRate 1.000000 The rate at which the player’s stomach decreases.
PlayerStaminaDecreaceRate 1.000000 The rate at which the player’s stamina decreases.
PlayerAutoHPRegeneRate 1.000000 The rate at which the player’s health regenerates automatically.
PlayerAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep 1.000000 The rate at which the player’s health regenerates during sleep.
PalStomachDecreaceRate 1.000000 The rate at which pals’ stomachs decrease.
PalStaminaDecreaceRate 1.000000 The rate at which pals’ stamina decreases.
PalAutoHPRegeneRate 1.000000 The rate at which pals’ health regenerates automatically.
PalAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep 1.000000 The rate at which pals’ health regenerates during sleep.
BuildObjectDamageRate 1.000000 The rate at which objects in the game world take damage when attacked.
BuildObjectDeteriorationDamageRate 1.000000 The rate at which objects deteriorate over time.
CollectionDropRate 1.000000 The drop rate of collectible items in the game.
CollectionObjectHpRate 1.000000 The rate at which the health of collectible objects decreases.
CollectionObjectRespawnSpeedRate 1.000000 The respawn speed rate of collectible objects.
EnemyDropItemRate 1.000000 The rate at which enemies drop items.
DeathPenalty All The penalty incurred upon death, can be set to “All”.
bEnablePlayerToPlayerDamage False Enables player-to-player damage if set to True.
bEnableFriendlyFire False Enables friendly fire if set to True.
bEnableInvaderEnemy True Enables invader enemies if set to True.
bActiveUNKO False Activates UNKO if set to True.
bEnableAimAssistPad True Enables aim assist for gamepad if set to True.
bEnableAimAssistKeyboard False Enables aim assist for keyboard if set to True.
DropItemMaxNum 3000 The maximum number of items that can be dropped.
DropItemMaxNum_UNKO 100 The maximum number of UNKO items that can be dropped.
BaseCampMaxNum 128 The maximum number of base camps allowed.
BaseCampWorkerMaxNum 15 The maximum number of workers at a base camp.
DropItemAliveMaxHours 1.000000 The maximum number of hours an item can remain dropped.
bAutoResetGuildNoOnlinePlayers False Automatically resets guild with no online players if set to True.
AutoResetGuildTimeNoOnlinePlayers 72.000000 The time (in hours) after which a guild with no online players gets reset.
GuildPlayerMaxNum 20 The maximum number of players in a guild.
PalEggDefaultHatchingTime 72.000000 The default hatching time (in hours) for pal eggs.
WorkSpeedRate 1.000000 The rate at which work is performed.
bIsMultiplay False Indicates if the game supports multiplayer (True) or not (False).
bIsPvP False Indicates if the game supports PvP (True) or not (False).
bCanPickupOtherGuildDeathPenaltyDrop False Allows picking up death penalty drops from other guilds if set to True.
bEnableNonLoginPenalty True Enables penalties for non-login players if set to True.
bEnableFastTravel True Enables fast travel if set to True.
bIsStartLocationSelectByMap True Allows selecting the starting location by map if set to True.
bExistPlayerAfterLogout False Indicates if players continue to exist in the game after logout (True) or not (False).
bEnableDefenseOtherGuildPlayer False Enables defense against players from other guilds if set to True.
bShowPlayerList False Shows the player list if set to True.
CoopPlayerMaxNum 4 The maximum number of players in cooperative play.
ServerPlayerMaxNum 32 The maximum number of players allowed on the server.
ServerName “Default Palworld Server” The name of the server.
ServerDescription “” The description of the server.
AdminPassword “” The password for the server administrator.
ServerPassword “” The password for accessing the server.
PublicPort 8211 The public port for the server.
PublicIP “” The public IP address of the server.
RCONEnabled False Indicates if RCON (Remote Console) is enabled (True) or not (False).
RCONPort 25575 The port for RCON (Remote Console) connections.
Region “” The region of the server.
bUseAuth True Enables authentication if set to True.
BanListURL “” The URL for the ban list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are some common settings that can be modified in the Palworld server?
A: Common settings include death penalty, experience rate, spawn rates for creatures (pals), damage rates for players and creatures, maximum player and base camp limits, and server passwords.

Q: How can I access and edit the Palworld server settings?
A: The server settings can be edited either through the PalworldSettings.ini file or the WorldOption.sav file. The PalworldSettings.ini file is typically located in the Pal/Saved/Configs directory of the Palworld Dedicated Server installation, while the WorldOption.sav file can be generated using the Palworld Server Configurator tool.

Q: Can I modify the server settings in real time without restarting the server?
A: Unfortunately, server settings usually require a server restart to take effect. After making changes to the settings files, you will need to restart the Palworld server for the changes to be applied.

Q: What is the difference between PalworldSettings.ini and WorldOption.sav?
A: PalworldSettings.ini contains server settings that can be modified manually using a text editor, while WorldOption.sav is a saved game file that can be generated using the Palworld Server Configurator tool. WorldOption.sav overrides settings in PalworldSettings.ini and is often used to edit the BaseCampWorkerMaxNum parameter as it won’t apply in the .ini configuration.

Q: Are there any tools available to make editing server settings easier?
A: Yes, some third-party tools and Palworld Server Host services offer user-friendly interfaces for configuring server settings. These tools can streamline the process and provide a more intuitive way to customize your server settings to your preferences.

Q: How can I set a server password?
A: To set a server password, you can edit the “AdminPassword” and “ServerPassword” settings in the server configuration file. Simply replace the existing passwords with your desired ones.

Q: How can I change the game’s difficulty level?
A: The ‘Difficulty’ parameter doesn’t exist for Palworld Dedicated Servers, however, the ‘DeathPenalty’ parameter is often used instead. The DeathPenalty parameter determines what happens to your equipment on death. The options are ‘None’, ‘Item’, ‘ItemAndEquipment’, and ‘All’.

Q: Can players respawn in different locations on the map?
A: Yes, if “bIsStartLocationSelectByMap=True,” players can select their starting location on the map when respawning.

Q: Is PvP (Player versus Player) combat allowed by default?
A: No, with “bIsPvP=False,” PvP combat is disabled by default. Players cannot harm each other directly.

Q: How can I adjust the rate at which creatures spawn in the game?
A: You can modify the “PalSpawnNumRate” setting in the server configuration file to adjust the rate at which creatures (pals) spawn in the game world.

Q: I can’t find the files to modify the settings?
A: Verify that you have properly set up a Palworld Dedicated Server using this guide before proceeding.