How to Play the Sakurajima Palworld Update

During the Summer Game Fest livestream, PocketPair announced the next major update for Palworld, featuring the Sakurajima Island, Arena-PVP, Xbox Dedicated Servers, and plenty of new Pals and subspecies.

How to Play the Sakurajima Update

Once the Sakurajima update is released, it will be available on PC, Xbox, and Gamepass. To truly maximize your experience, we highly recommend purchasing a dedicated server. This will allow you to fully manage your gameplay, customize settings, and even install additional mods to enhance your adventure.

You have two options when it comes to dedicated servers:

Sakurajima Update Details

The Sakurajima Update for Palworld is set to launch on June 27, 2024, as revealed during the Summer Game Fest livestream.

Key Features:

  • New Island: Sakurajima
    • Explore the brand-new island with unique biomes and environments.
  • New Pals
    • Armadillo Pal: Ground-type Pal.
    • Guardian Dog Pal: Rideable Pal found near shrines.
    • Ghost Pal: Found in graveyard biomes.
    • Dark Pal: Rampaging Pal in the Desert Biome.
    • Mimic Pal: Imitates chests and attacks unsuspecting players.
    • Knight Pal: Dungeon-exclusive Pal in Boss Rooms.
    • Boss Pal: Lunar-themed Tower Boss, catchable from Sanctuaries.
  • New Subspecies
    • Chillet Ignis: Fire-type Chillet.
    • Katress Ignis & Wixen Noct: Swapped default types.
    • Bushi Noct: Dark-themed, graveyard biome subspecies.
  • PVP Battles
    • New PVP feature showcasing 4v4 battles, enhancing competitive play.
  • New Bosses
    • Sakurajima Tower Boss: Unique to the new island.
    • Blazamut Raid Boss: Post-game challenge requiring Slab Fragments for summoning.
  • New Equipment
    • New weapons and armor sets to boost player capabilities.
  • Resource Gathering
    • Sulfur and Coal Mines: Added to player bases for resource harvesting.
    • Oil Rig: Offshore stronghold with exclusive loot and Pals.
  • Gameplay Enhancements
    • Increased level cap for more technology and stat allocation.
    • Dedicated server for XBOX players to support larger guilds.

Trailer Highlights:

  • Revealed during Summer Game Fest 2024.
  • Showcased new Pals, features, and PVP battles.

Don’t miss out on the fun—gear up, gather your friends, and prepare for the ultimate Palworld adventure with the Sakurajima Update!