Enshrouded – The most exciting survival game for 2024

Enshrouded is almost here, set to launch on January 24th, 2024, and it’s a game worth getting excited about. Developed by Keen Games, this upcoming action RPG promises an immersive experience in a world ravaged by a mysterious force called the Shroud. As a Flameborn, you’ll wake up in this post-apocalyptic setting, facing the task of rebuilding society while uncovering the secrets of an ancient civilization.

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Top 10 Mods in Valheim

Make your Valheim experience even better with these cool mods! From Valheim Plus tweaking gameplay to BetterArchery changing how you shoot, these mods bring new stuff to every part of the game.

Find exciting treasures with Epic Loot, make things easier to understand with BetterUI, and grow more crops with PlantEverything. Also, get better access to Equipment and Quick Slots and do more with Unrestricted Portals.

Change your world with Spawn That, become a hero in Valheim Legends, or make mods easily with Jotunn the Valheim Library. Start a fresh Valheim journey now!

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How to Edit Valheim Server Settings

Looking to elevate your Valheim gameplay? This guide is your gateway to mastering the customization options and administration tools of Valheim servers. Delve into server modification, from tweaking launch parameters for personalized settings to wielding admin powers and managing player access with finesse.

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How to create a Valheim Dedicated Server (10 Easy Steps)

Discovering the world of dedicated servers opens up a realm of possibilities. In this guide, we’ll jump into the creation of a Valheim dedicated server, offering insights into why it matters and the various hosting options available.

A dedicated server grants you control over your Valheim universe. It’s not just about gameplay; it’s about crafting a realm that reflects your imagination and preferences. But hosting a server comes with choices: from managing it on your personal computer to exploring remote cloud solutions or opting for managed hosting services.

We’ll walk you through the setup process step-by-step, whether you’re a tech enthusiast or an amateur. Additionally, we’ll explore alternatives beyond local hosting. From renting pre-configured servers to utilizing Virtual Private Servers (VPS), each option brings its own perks and considerations. Let’s navigate the landscape of Valheim dedicated servers and find the ideal hosting solution for your gaming adventures.

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Valheim – Common Performance Issues and Solutions

Recently started playing Valheim and experienced some issues? Here in this guide we will cover the most common bugs and issues players encounter in Valheim.

TL;DR: The Valheim performance is most likely due to issues with the game, rather than the host. The developers are working on this, but with no ETA when it will be fixed. You could try a few fixes on your own in the meantime if you want. Read more below. 

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