The wait is over – adds Half-Life 3 servers!


Update: As most people figured out, this was an April’s fools. Thanks to everyone who laughed with us, hopefully we’ll see Half-life 3 for real some day!

Nassau, Bahamas – Ever since the release of our CS:GO and Minecraft servers, people have been asking – Where will you go next? What’s the next game to have revolutionized gameserver hosting? To us, the answer was always clear, as in our minds there was only one game that could top the ones we already have. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Half-Life 3 servers.

The long awaited sequel in the best-selling video game series is now exclusively playable at, using our servers. What may come as a surprise to many is that this is now a text-based browser game and that it only comes with multiplayer, and with no singleplayer campaign.

This is a huge day for us. Not only are we exclusively launching Half-Life 3 to all DatHost users, but we’re also close to launching our first gameserver deployed in space, so that we can offer great ping and performance for anyone playing from the ISS.

– Anders Ekman, CEO,

You can rent one of the new HL3 servers just like you would any other game server, click here. To celebrate the release, all HL3 servers will be free for all of April 1st. After that, all customers will be contacted by a sales representative to discuss their needs, after which they will be sent a quote on pricing.