We’re Hiring a Product Designer

DatHost offers game server hosting for competitive and survival titles like CS2, Palworld & Valheim, making multiplayer gaming experiences with friends possible. Unlike competitors, we’ve developed our own server management software and infrastructure to prioritize user experience. Our aim is simplicity and seamless gaming, recognizing players’ desire for uninterrupted fun with friends.

DatHost is a small, profitable and founder-led startup that is currently in a high growth phase. It’s an exciting company to join for those that want to work in an entrepreneurial environment where you get to be involved in all decisions and areas of the business.

About the role

We’re on the lookout for a Product Designer to lead our product design efforts and roadmap. 

You will be a big voice in a small cross-functional team of just 5 people. You will work most closely with colleagues in marketing and development. You’ll have a big impact on the company, and have the ability to involve yourself in many areas that might be interesting to you for career growth both directly and as the company grows.

You will be gathering data, listening to customers, and using surveys to create top-notch products for our industry. Your insights will help us make products that our customers love and that stay ahead of the competition.

The role is fully remote, but you will occasionally be asked to attend meetups with the rest of the team. DatHost is a Swedish company, and we’re currently only looking to hire in Europe.

Summary of responsibilities

  • Engage in user conversations, surveys, and research to gain deeper insights into our users and how we can optimize the DatHost products to better meet their needs.
  • Direct the product roadmap to ensure the team prioritizes the right feature at the right time.
  • Brainstorm and design features that cater to the needs of the DatHost users.
  • Create wireframes, mockups, and high-fidelity designs for the product.
  • Be ready to help with the support during busy times or big game releases.
  • Promote processes to help the rest of your team generate ideas for improving our product.
  • Stay up-to-date with both industry trends and new game titles.

About you

We’re seeking someone who truly understands users and enjoys listening to their perspectives. You’re skilled at finding creative solutions to their needs.

Your eye for design ensures that solutions are not only functional but also visually appealing. However, your strength lies in your ability to communicate effectively, both with users and team members.

Your eagerness to learn and adapt makes you well-suited for navigating the dynamic environment of startups. You prioritize user feedback but also know when to leverage data for informed decisions. Using analytics tools to understand user behavior comes naturally to you (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or Plausible).

You foster collaboration and transparency, valuing input from your team. You have the discipline to work from home and can manage your time effectively to maintain productivity while keeping a work-life balance.

In summary, you’re a user-focused problem-solver with a passion for continuous product improvement and collaborative teamwork.


  • It’s a great thing if you have an interest in games, since a lot of user feedback, and building our product, require some familiarity with the games.
  • While formal experience in product or design is preferred, it’s not mandatory. However, we do expect you to showcase your design skills through a portfolio, showcasing your capabilities.


Please send an email to emrik@dathost.net with a few words on why you think you’re a good fit for this role (Please attach your resumé and state that you are applying for the “Product Designer” role.). Even if you’re early in your career, we’d also love to hear about any projects you’ve already been involved in and what you learned from those.