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DatHost offers pay-as-you-go pricing with some of the easiest CS:GO server configuration in the industry.

CS:GO server hosting simplified

We all love Counter Strike:Global Offensive here at DatHost, and that's why we worked hard to create the absolutely best system for renting CS:GO servers out there.

We provide a pay-as-you-go system with the ability for you to easily upload your own configs, plugins and files, giving you complete control over what type of CS is played on your server, regardless if that is surf maps, competitive warservers, deathmatch servers or just any type of CS out there.

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Our features

~ One-click Plugin Installers ~

We have one-click installers for most of the popular mods and plugins, such as SourceMod and many of it's most popular plugins.

~ Custom Configs ~

Upload your own config files via our File Manager or FTP and run them on startup or manually. You can of course modify any existing config files as well.

~ 128 tick servers ~

Run your server on 64, 100 or 128 tick, whichever you prefer. We make sure that your servers run butter smooth.

~ Pay-as-you-go ~

Either run your server only when you actually use it, and pay only for that time, or pay our low monthly fees and run your server 24/7.

~ DDoS Protected ~

All of our servers come with DDoS protection included. Never worry about salty opponents ruining your game.

~ Easy to use ~

CS:GO servers are a mess. We make them less so. Our control panel is super easy to use, guiding you through every step. Of course, if you're more advanced you'll still have full control of the server.

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We have over 200,000 happy users blessed with lag-free gameservers.

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