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Let’s learn some smoke grenades on new Cobblestone [CS:GO]

Valve recently updated de_cobblestone, or cbble, after complaints on the map from the community. In short, the changes remove a lot of the large distances and instead makes the map more similar to inferno or dust2, with smaller bombsites and more cover.

We love Cobblestone and think that a lot of the hate it receives is because of the map being different, but also not as explored as other maps. For example, there aren’t any great smoke tutorials out there for this map.

We’ll be trying to help out the community by sharing some grenades, wallbang spots and strategies on the new cobblestone. For this post, we sat down and came up with a lot of useful smokes for Cobblestone. Our focus was on smokes with easy to remember markers and to avoid having to jump / run as much as possible, so the smokes become even more consistent. You can find our smokes below.

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