How to create a Valheim Dedicated Server (10 Easy Steps)

Discovering the world of dedicated servers opens up a realm of possibilities. In this guide, we’ll jump into the creation of a Valheim dedicated server, offering insights into why it matters and the various hosting options available.

A dedicated server grants you control over your Valheim universe. It’s not just about gameplay; it’s about crafting a realm that reflects your imagination and preferences. But hosting a server comes with choices: from managing it on your personal computer to exploring remote cloud solutions or opting for managed hosting services.

We’ll walk you through the setup process step-by-step, whether you’re a tech enthusiast or an amateur. Additionally, we’ll explore alternatives beyond local hosting. From renting pre-configured servers to utilizing Virtual Private Servers (VPS), each option brings its own perks and considerations. Let’s navigate the landscape of Valheim dedicated servers and find the ideal hosting solution for your gaming adventures.


  1. Install Valheim Dedicated Server via Steam.
  2. Find the server folder (usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim dedicated server).
  3. Customize settings in start_headless_server.bat.
  4. Open TCP/UDP ports 2456-2458 on your router.
  5. Launch server by running start_headless_server.bat.
  6. Wait 10-15 mins for Community Server list update.
  7. Join using PC’s external IP address followed by port (e.g.,


  1. Open Steam on your PC and click the tab Library in the top-header.

  2. Search for “Valheim” in the search bar of the library.
    The search results will show the option Valheim Dedicated Server, click “INSTALL” on it.

  3. Go to the folder in which you installed the Valheim Dedicated Server.
    Most common path:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim dedicated server

  4. If you haven’t created a world yet or if your world is saved on another PC, you’ll need to either make a new world or transfer the one you were using. If you’re hosting the server from the same PC you’ve been playing on, you can skip this step.

    To do this, go to your Windows Users folder located at C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\worlds. Copy the files from this folder and paste them into the same folder on your server PC.

  5. Navigate back to the Valheim Dedicated Server folder, as we did in step 3, and edit the file called start_headless_server.bat. On the last line, you will see the following:
    valheim_server -nographics -batchmode -name "My server" -port 2456 -world "Dedicated" -password "secret" -public 1 -crossplay

    To customize the server settings, edit the following parameters:
    -name “My server”, modify this to change the server name.
    -world “Dedicated”, modify this to change the world name.
    -password “secret”, modify this to change the password
    The server password may not contain, or be the same as the world name. The server password is always required.
    -public 1, modify this to “0” to make your server private.
    -port 2456, modify this to change the server port.

  6. Save the file, and also create a backup of the file which you can store nearby.
    The reason for this is that when Valheim releases an update, the start_headless_server.bat will be wiped and must be updated again.

  7. To enable connections, you need to open specific ports on your server PC. Access your router’s software and open ports 2456-2458 for both TCP and UDP protocols on the PC where the server is operating. Set the Host Port as 2456. Remember, if there’s a firewall active on the server PC, you’ll also need to open these ports within the firewall settings.

    Remember to apply these settings for both UDP and TCP.

  8. Now, double-click the start_headless_server.bat file. This will make the server start.
    You should see a command prompt full of logs appear. This is the server.
    If you close this window, the server will stop.

    This is what the logs of a fully started server should look like.

  9. Success! Your server is now available for players to join. Keep in mind, it might take around 10 to 15 minutes for the Community Server list to refresh after a server is launched. If your server doesn’t appear, it could be due to including the game world’s name in the server details or password.

  10. Finally, it’s time to join the server. The server IP will be the external IP address of your PC, followed by the port. This IP will be visible in the server console.

    In this case:

    If you need further instructions on how to join the server, please read: How to join a Valheim Dedicated Server.


Running a Valheim Dedicated Server around the clock is a priority for most enthusiasts. However, managing it on your personal machine can pose challenges. To avoid the hassle of keeping your home computer powered all day and night, we suggest exploring these two alternatives:

  • Utilize a Valheim Server Provider: Rent a pre-configured server from a reliable provider for seamless setup and uninterrupted hosting. For instance: DatHost Valheim Server Hosting
  • Opt for a VPS (Virtual Private Server): Host your server on a VPS for enhanced control and stability, ensuring continuous performance without relying on your local machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why should I make a special server for Valheim?
    Creating your own server gives you more control. You can change game rules, invite friends to play in your world, install mods, and make your Valheim adventure last longer.

  2. What do I need to start a Valheim server?
    You don’t need a super powerful computer, but a good internet connection, a modern computer with enough memory (like 4GB), and some space (4GB+) to store game files will help.

  3. What’s good about having someone else manage my Valheim server (Managed Hosting)?
    It’s easier for you because they handle updates, problems, and support. A lot of providers often come with DDoS protection, which can be vital for bigger servers.

  4. What if my server doesn’t show up for others to join?
    Check if you set up the details like the world’s name or password correctly. And wait around 10-15 minutes after starting the server for others to see it.
    Remember to double-check whether the -public parameter is set to 1 in the “start_headless_server.bat” file.

  5. Are there any rules or things I can’t do with my Valheim server?
    Valheim has a slot limit of 10 players. However, there are third-party plugins available that you can install to allow for more slots. Note that this might result in issues that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

  6. Where can I get more help with my Valheim server?
    Online groups, forums, and pages about Valheim servers often have extra tips and friendly people who can help you solve problems. We recommend the Valheim Discord.

  7. Is it possible to run a Valheim Dedicated Server on a Mac or Linux machine?
    If you want to host on macOS, Docker is an absolute requirement, as Valheim is only supported on Windows and Linux.

  8. Can I host a Valheim Server without opening ports in my router?
    Yes, it is surely possible. However, it comes with limitations. Only players within the same network as you will be able to connect if you don’t open your ports. Alternatively, you can use software such as Hamachi to allow players outside of your network to connect.