Most Popular Crosshairs in CS:GO

Most Popular Crosshairs Infographic
This displays the five most popular crosshair combinations generated with our crosshair generator. 

We’ve analyzed millions of users’ crosshairs generated with our crosshair generator. This is what we’ve come up with.

#1 – The Green Bean

The Green Bean

In the first place we have a classic green cross at a smaller size. Recent years have had an increase in the usage of smaller crosshairs and is today the go-to sizing, chosen by 29% of the players.

#2 – The White, right?

The White, right?

The white color has seen a rise in usage as well, with some professional players rocking it as well such as jks. Combined with an outline makes it pop and achieve a pretty good visibility all around.

#3 – The Baby Blue

The Baby Blue

Coming in at the third place we find this supersmall blue crosshair. To be specific we’re looking at a capri color – a deep shade of sky blue. The size 1 is in minority, but with the small crosshair trend, it’s still chosen by 12 % of the players. What’s the next step, no crosshair at all?

#4 – The Boomer

The Boomer

This crosshair is dedicated to the old guard whose eyesight has deteriorated with age. With a size of 5, it covers the entire enemy’s body at range, so you would have to rely on luck getting the headshot. Still to this date, it’s a size preferred by 22 % of the players for an unclear reason.

#5 – The Hippie

The Hippie

When you want to be wild and crazy, you lean towards the pink crosshair. Pink is only chosen by 4 % of the players, so it sure must be only for those who want to feel special in the server. No? 

Most Popular Crosshairs Diagrams

With all this data we can also extract what the most common options players lean towards – whether it be size, gap, thickness, color, outline or dot. 

Looking at the proportion of crosshair colors we see, unsurprisingly, a heavy lean towards Green with Cyan and Red also picking up a decent amount of the share. 

Using a dot in the middle of the crosshair tends to be extremely unlikeable with only 11% of the player choosing it. This would be the most popular crosshair used together with a dot, if that sounds appealing to you.

And if using a dot wasn’t unlikeable, then drawing an outline on the crosshair is even more. Only 8 % of the players choose to play with an outline. It’s most commonly used on white crosshairs, to improve visibility, and this would be the most popular crosshair with an outline.

Most Popular Crosshairs top lists

Looking at crosshair sizes, the most used by the players would be size 2 chosen by 29 % of the players. Smaller crosshairs have seen a rise in popularity, and this only confirms that trend. Surprisingly, not all too far behind we find the boomer Size 5. 

The by far most popular gap used in crosshairs is 0 followed by only negative gaps. Wanting to have the crosshair look, as the word suggests, like a cross – seems to be popular amongst the players.  

When it comes to thickness the smaller ones are heavily favored, with 1.5 or smaller in thickness taking a whopping 87 % of the share.