Palworld Dedicated Server Requirements

Let’s dive into the essential hardware requirements and server settings to ensure seamless gameplay. Discover how CPU power and internet speed play crucial roles in keeping your game running smoothly.
Learn how to troubleshoot common issues like lags and desyncs with easy-to-follow tips. Follow this article to unlock the full potential of your Palworld Dedicated Server performance!


The performance of a Palworld server is based on multiple factors, such as RAM speed, CPU speed, cores, network capacity, and more. This is a general recommendation of the server requirements, but note that it may vary depending on the fabricator of the hardware.

Parameter Requirement
CPU 4 Core (Recommended)
Memory 16GB
For servers with large player-bases, 32GB is recommended.
Bandwidth 250 Mbit/s
Storage 40GB Free storage
SSD is recommended.
OS Windows 64bit
Linux 64bit (Ubuntu, AlmaLinux etc…)

Common Performance Issues

In some instances, even when meeting the hardware requirements, a Palworld server may encounter issues like lags, rubberbanding, and desync. To ensure smooth operation, consider the following practices:

Regular Restarts: Palworld Dedicated Servers commonly experience memory leaks over time. It’s advisable to restart the server periodically to maintain optimal performance. Here’s a recommended interval for upkeep:

  • Restart the server every 4 hours, regardless of player activity. (Recommended)
  • Based on your performance observations, you may adjust this interval as needed but aim to restart the server at least every 8 hours for consistent performance.

Disable VPN Usage: It’s advisable to disable the use of VPNs while playing Palworld. The impact on gameplay varies depending on factors like distance and VPN speed. However, if you encounter performance issues, it’s recommended to disable the VPN when playing on your Palworld Dedicated Server.

Disable Invader Enemies: It has been reported that disabling the “Invader Enemies” parameter can improve the dedicated server performance.

DropItemMaxNum: Another community suggestion is to lower the parameter for the maximum number of items that can be dropped. The default value is 3000, and we recommend lowering it to 500.

DropItemAliveMaxHours: It has also been reported to help lower the parameter for the number of hours an item can remain dropped. The default is set to 1 hour, but lowering it to 0.5 (half an hour) has been reported to boost performance.

For information on how to modify the parameters above, please read our guide on How to Edit Palworld Server Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the hardware requirements for running a Palworld server?
A: Palworld server performance relies on various hardware components including RAM speed, CPU specifications, number of cores, network capacity, and storage. It is recommended to have at least a 4-core CPU, 16GB of memory (32GB for larger player bases), 250 Mbit/s bandwidth, 40GB of free storage (preferably SSD), and a 64-bit operating system (Windows or Linux) for optimal performance.

Q: What are some common performance issues that Palworld servers may encounter?
A: Despite meeting the hardware requirements, Palworld servers may experience performance issues such as lags, rubberbanding, and desyncs. These issues can often be attributed to memory leaks over time, VPN usage, or certain in-game parameters.

Q: How can I address performance issues on my Palworld server?
A: To improve performance on your Palworld server, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Regular Restarts: Schedule periodic restarts (every 4 hours is recommended) to mitigate memory leaks.
  • Disable VPN Usage: Avoid using VPNs while playing Palworld to minimize performance impact.
  • Adjust In-Game Parameters: Experiment with disabling certain in-game parameters such as “Invader Enemies” and adjusting values like “DropItemMaxNum” and “DropItemAliveMaxHours” to optimize performance.

Q: Where can I find more information on tweaking Palworld server settings?
A: For detailed guidance on modifying Palworld server settings, refer to our comprehensive guide titled “How to Edit Palworld Server Settings.” This guide offers step-by-step instructions and useful tips to tailor server settings according to your preferences and requirements.

Q: I have tried all performance optimization tips and I’m still having issues. What do I do?
A: If you continue to encounter lags despite implementing the suggestions in this guide, we advise considering a Palworld Server Provider. They specialize in optimizing performance and maintaining a stable server environment. Explore renting a Palworld Dedicated Server with expert support here.