Syntropy CS:GO Tournament: Powered by DatHost

Syntropy CS:GO Tournament

Since our launch back in 2015 we have been working hard to develop the best-in-class server experience for CS:GO. To further add to this, we’re thrilled to team up with Syntropy for their upcoming CS:GO tournament to test out their technology in the gaming world.

About Syntropy

Syntropy has developed a technology that secures and optimizes connections between players and the server. That makes the server resistant to DDoS attacks since the connections are unique and isolated from each other. 

Also with Syntropy’s upcoming smart routing protocol (DARP), in the near feature, the connection between the player and server will be optimized – resulting in a substantially reduced latency. Their protocol overrides the default Internet path and analyzes thousands of alternative paths to automagically choose the highest-performing one. 

Read more in Syntropy’s announcement here.

About the Tournament

The tournament will take place on the 29th to 30th of May. It features a CS:GO 5v5 competition with slots for 32 teams. The prize pool consists of $25 000, paid out in NOIA cryptocurrency tokens.

The goal for this tournament is to test out Syntropy’s technology in the gaming space. All players will be connecting to a CSGO server hosted by us, with Syntropy Agent enabled, allowing for a full-fledged test of the technology.

For further information, follow us on Twitter. We’ll announce there when the registration opens with more details a couple of weeks before the tournament.

While you are waiting, why not rent a server and practice some CS:GO skills? Choose the configuration ‘Practice Mode’ when renting your server to practice some cool grenades, or maybe the ‘Match/Scrims’ setup to battle some friends in a 5v5?