Valheim Dedicated Server Requirements

Maximize your Valheim server’s potential with our helpful guide. Get practical advice on boosting performance and solving common player problems. Learn simple tips to improve your gaming experience and reduce lag. Dive into our guide that offers much more than just hardware information.


The performance of a Valheim server depends on several factors, including RAM speed, CPU speed, number of cores, network capacity, and more. While these are general recommendations for server requirements, it’s worth noting that they may vary depending on the manufacturer of the hardware.

Parameter Requirement
CPU 4 Core (Recommended)
Memory 2GB
For servers with 2-10 players, 4GB+ is recommended
Bandwidth 250 Mbit/s
Storage 60GB Free storage
SSD is recommended.
OS Windows 64bit
Linux 64bit (Ubuntu, AlmaLinux etc…)

Common Performance Issues

Understand the logic of the Valheim server

In Valheim, server performance issues don’t always come from the server itself. A Valheim server can run on top-notch hardware and still experience lags. This is often due to unstable network connections between the players.

One common problem in Valheim is multiplayer desync. This is when the game data between players and the server gets out of sync, causing delays or glitches. The developers are aware of this and are working on fixes.

Some of the game’s rules are handled by players’ computers, not just the server. So, if someone has a bad connection or their computer can’t keep up, it can make the game act weird for everyone on the server.

  1. Don’t let the poor one lead the pack!
    When exploring new territories in Valheim, consider having the player with the most reliable connection take point. Opting for the player with the best connectivity enhances the likelihood of smoother gameplay and better control over in-game actions, particularly in comparison to those with weaker connections.

  2. Remove dropped items
    A server that has been active over a long period of time is often filled with items dropped all over the server. In the long term, this can have a significant effect on performance. This is easily fixed by the command removedrops. Note that you must be an admin in order to execute the command, and install a mod that allows for cheat commands.

  3. Better Networking – Thunderstore
    A common mod used for Valheim servers experiencing issues with networking is the mod called Better Networking. Although it is not guaranteed to improve the performance, plenty of users in the comments implies that their networking situation has gotten better after installing the mod. For information on how to install the mod, please see this guide.
  4. Server location
    As mentioned earlier, even though you might have the necessary hardware to run the server, the location from you to the server may be too far, or too poorly routed to give you the optimal Valheim experience. Make sure to host the server as close to your player base as possible.
    If you are having issues finding good locations for your player base, and or the routing seems to be poor, we recommend using a Valheim Server Provider instead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What factors affect the performance of a Valheim server?
A: Several factors can influence the performance of a Valheim server, including CPU speed, RAM capacity, network capacity, and storage type. While the recommended specifications typically include a 4-core CPU, 2GB of RAM (4GB+ for servers with 2-10 players), 250 Mbit/s bandwidth, and 60GB of free storage (SSD recommended), these requirements may vary depending on the server hardware manufacturer.

Q: What are common performance issues encountered in Valheim servers?
A: One common issue is multiplayer desynchronization, where game data between players and the server falls out of sync, resulting in delays or glitches. Additionally, performance issues can arise from unstable network connections between players, causing lags despite high-quality server hardware.

Q: How can I optimize server performance in Valheim?
A: One approach is to ensure that players with the most stable connections lead the exploration, enhancing gameplay smoothness and control. Removing dropped items from the server can also alleviate long-term performance degradation. Installing mods like Better Networking from Thunderstore may improve networking issues, although results are not guaranteed. Furthermore, hosting the server closer to your player base can enhance the overall gaming experience.

Q: How can I remove dropped items from a Valheim server?
A: To remove dropped items, use the command “removedrops” while logged in as an admin. Keep in mind that executing this command requires admin privileges and may necessitate the installation of a mod that enables cheat commands.

Q: What can I do if I’m experiencing networking issues on my Valheim server?
A: Consider installing the mod called Better Networking from Nexusmods, as it may help improve networking performance. Additionally, hosting the server closer to your player base can minimize latency and enhance the gaming experience. If networking issues persist, consider utilizing a Valheim Server Provider for more reliable hosting solutions.