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Valheim Hearth and Home Update – Coming in September

Valheim Hearth and Home
Image Credit: Iron Gate

Valheim had a huge success in its Early Access launch back in February and sold more than 5 million copies of the game within its first month. Since then the game’s popularity has decreased, but now on the horizon is the game’s first major update: Hearth & Home.

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Valheim – Common Performance Issues and Solutions

Recently started playing Valheim and experienced some issues? Here in this guide we will cover the most common bugs and issues players encounter in Valheim.

TL;DR: The Valheim performance is most likely due to issues with the game, rather than the host. The developers are working on this, but with no ETA when it will be fixed. You could try a few fixes on your own in the meantime if you want. Read more below. 

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Valheim Server Console Commands – How to kick, ban and whitelist players

If you just created a dedicated server for your Valheim world, there are a few good console commands to know about that can be useful. Here you will find a detailed guide with the most useful commands and simple step-to-step guides on how to use them.

In this post we’ll go through these commands, you can jump directly to them by clicking the links below:

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How to upload your existing world to a dedicated Valheim Server

Have you just gotten a dedicated Valheim Server, but already played the game locally, and now you want to upload your existing map instead of start over? We got you!

If you don’t yet have a dedicated Valheim Server but was simply wondering if this was possible, the answer is yes! We offer quality Valheim servers that gives your world a permanent home for you and your friends to connect to whenever. Rent a Valheim server from DatHost here.

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How to join a Valheim Dedicated Server (Quick & Easy)

Recently got a Dedicated Valheim Server from DatHost or hosting your own? Here’s how to connect to your Valheim server quick and easy!

There are currently three ways on how you can connect to your server. The best way is probably by adding the server as favorite in Steam – so you can easily find it in the future as well. In this guide we will show you step by step guides for all alternatives.

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